Sky Force 2014: Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

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Sky Force 2014 is a throwback to the old bullet-hell Raidens of the world, so if you’re a ’90s kid, chances are you’re going to love this game, and if you’re not… well, you’ll probably still love this game. It’s insanely hard, though, just like the Raidens were back in the day, so read on for the top 15 tips and tricks for Sky Force 2014!

15) Pay attention to the patterns on each of the stages.
Every one of the stages will have THE EXACT SAME PATTERN every single time that you play it, so try to memorize where everything is on each stage that you play. This will make it easier to expect enemies before they come, as well as to pick up all of the stranded people who need to be rescued.

14) Upgrade your plane gradually.
You have a ton of stuff that you can unlock with enough stars, but upgrade your existing main cannon, too. Even with all of the extra doodads, this is the main weapon, and the power of your main cannon can make or break your rounds. The less shots that you have to fire, the easier it is to kill any big enemy in the stage.

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13) Shoot the shiny airplanes.
When you shoot a shiny/glowing airplane, it will drop a gray crystal, and when you pick up that gray crystal, the firing rate of your main cannon will increase. This is true for up to 10 of the gray crystals that you pick up; after that, they will stop having an effect. But by then, your firing rate will be sky high.

12) Speed up your upgrades by using the time lapse cheat.
If you don’t want to wait for your upgrades to complete, then simply go to the date and time settings on your iPhone, iPad, or on your Android device (whatever you play the game on) and set the time ahead by at least however long it takes to complete the upgrade. Then go back to the game and the upgrade will be finished.

11) If you don’t want to mess with the time on your device, spend stars to speed up your upgrades.
The more expensive your upgrade is, the more stars it will cost to speed it up, and the longer that you have to wait to complete the upgrade, the more stars it will cost. Better to be patient and wait for it to complete, but if you have no patience and no desire to mess with the time on your phone, do this.

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