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Sky Streaker: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Sky Streaker is a new Cartoon Network game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring Richard from the Amazing World of Gumball. For those not familiar, Richard is a rabbit who, apparently, does not like to wear pants all that much, so as Richard, your goal is to climb up as far as you can to get away from those who are trying to put pants on you. Collect coins while avoiding the pants, because if you tough the pants, you’ll become a very angry and very clothed Richard. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sky Streaker!

The coins look real nice and shiny, and they can buy you new outfit items (not pants of course). Don’t ignore them, because the outfit items will give you various benefits. You can turn some of them off if you want to, though, which helps at certain times. If you are going for a high score you’ll want to turn off the headphones, but for maximum coins, turn them on.

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If you have the headphones enabled, you will be able to ride on Alan the Balloon, which will earn you a bunch of extra coins. If you enable the glasses, platinum coins, which are worth 10 coins apiece, will appear. Enable the foil hat to activate a coin multiplier. Enable the funny glasses to make large coins appear. Enable the bling chain and the scarf to play at the birthday party and at Elmore Junior High, respectively.

If you really want to go as far as you can, then stop focusing on collecting coins and simply start focusing on avoiding the pants. Do this and you will be able to move much more quickly, you will have to change direction far less often, and you will still earn around the same amount of coins every time anyways due to the increase in the distance that you will generally be able to go.

You’ll see other characters running up behind you as you progress through the level, and the more that you slow down the more that they will catch up to you. If you want them to not catch up, then continue at a steady pace. Don’t go too fast because if you go extremely fast, they will automatically reappear at the bottom of the screen, so that when you stop for a bit, they will catch up.

The pop up ads can get quite annoying pretty quickly. In order to make them go away, all that you have to do is set the phone or tablet that you’re playing the game on into airplane mode. Either that, or shut off the cellular data and the wifi if you still want to get calls while playing the game ad-free.