Sky Tribes – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Sky Tribes is a new RPG for the iPhone and iPad by YMC games. You play as the leader of a new island base, and your goal is to build it up into a resource-producing machine, as well as to train loads of troops and steal resources from other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sky Tribes!

Battles can be extremely difficult when you are first starting off. Ignore the shamans at first, despite their obvious strength against warriors. Put one shaman into your party at a time and then fight them alongside warriors so that they can gain experience levels. Plus, once you equip all of your warriors with the Bulky Stone Axe, you’ll actually find it easier to start winning battles.

Also, pick the enemies with the lowest battle scores early on, because they are more likely to be weaker than you. Ignore the amount of loot they have until you level up your warriors to at least level 5. Then you can start picking and choosing by their loot totals.

You’re going to use food fast in the early stages of the game. Make sure that you maximize your total amount of farms so that you can always collect from them. Upgrade your gold, which is used for purchasing equipment, and your wood, which is used to upgrade your other buildings, as well.

To get free gems, complete the quests that you find in the quest area. To get other resources for free, play the arcade game as often as possible (a match three game), which is found in the mountains on the south side of your island, and look for random treasure chests to pop up around your island, and tap them. Also, add as many friends as you can (which you need a YMC account for first), and collect their resources. They can collect your resources for you, as well, which will allow you to get resources without having to return back to the game.

As you upgrade your Tribal Hall, you will be able to build more of everything, including farms (allowing you to battle more often, of course), so keep upgrading it. Also, once you hit level 12, cross the bridge to the lower left side of your island, and you will be able to do battle in a single player mode, which won’t require you to spend food to constantly refresh the list of battles.