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Skylanders Battlecast – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Skylanders Battlecast is a new card-battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as Spyro, Smash Hit, Snap Fizz and a whole other host of Skylanders, and your goal is to build a deck full of cards and use them to quest through realm after realm, defeating rivals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Skylanders Battlecast!

You have only one crystal during the first move of the battle, and then with each successive turn, you earn a crystal bonus, adding to the crystal level of the card that you can use. Sometimes you earn a bonus of one or even two, while other times, you don’t get any crystal bonus. This continues up until you you’re at a level of seven crystals, as that’s the maximum that you can spend on summoning one card.

Attack cards are the cornerstone of your offensive strategy, but gear and relic cards are also extremely valuable. Gear cards can be equipped on one of your allies and give them a boost in health, attack power or both. Some gear cards can be given to an enemy, and will degrade their health and attack power. Relics, by contrast, will create a helper object that affects all enemies or allies. The object has its own hit points and can be destroyed by enemies, and you can destroy their objects as well.

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Coins are the currency of the game, and they are mainly earned as rewards for beating realms and for completing quests. From the main menu, go to the quests screen to see what you have left to complete, and from there, complete the quests to earn your coins. You can also earn free cards from quests. Plus, take the daily spin and open your daily card pack in order to earn even more free coins, characters and attacks.

Coins can be used on more spins, as well as to buy the daily specials at the card store, but you can also use them to level up your Skylanders, or any of your other cards. Go to the “collection” menu to see all of your cards. Tap on one of your cards and you will be able to level it up by spending the right amount of coins, or using the applicable ticket.

If you already own Skylanders cards, you can add them to the game. Tap on the Cards to Life button and enable the camera function, then use the camera to scan any of your cards into the game. From there, they are then added to your collection, where they can be used in battle or in a minigames.