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Skylanders: Ring of Heroes (revamped): List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a revamped version of a mobile game that got released a couple years ago for the iOS and Android platforms. This is an RPG featuring the characters from the beloved Skylanders universe, with loads of characters to unlock.

While there are plenty of rewards to earn in the game, you can get a Headstart by entering the coupon codes that are often given out as promotions. Coupon codes come straight from the developers, and they work similarly to cheat codes.

Read on for a list of coupon codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes!

To redeem codes on the Android version of the game, first, off the menu button, then go to the event tab. Once you get there, there will be a button that says “event coupon exchange”. Type the code and then confirm it, and you will get your rewards.

On the iOS platform, the method is a bit different. A link will be given out instead, so you have to close the game out completely, then tap the link, and re-open the game. Typically the link is This is one method.

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The other method is to buy into your account and then open the game with the same account on and Android device or an Android emulator. Then enter the code, close the game, then open the game on your iOS device. You will get the reward this way too.

To find more codes, first, go to the menu and go to the tab that says “community“. This is going to take you to the Subreddit for the game. This is where codes will usually be posted first, especially since this area is sponsored by the developers.

Look around for threads containing codes. You can use the search function, as well, to get through all of the other threads and find ones that have codes included in them.

Beyond that, there are a few other areas where you can search as well. Some of the best sources are videos about the game, which you can commonly find on YouTube. Twitch is another great source, because streamers will often include codes in their streams, and if they do, you will usually find that advertised in the title.

You can always look on the official social media channels for the game, especially on Facebook, because this is one of the more likely places to find codes. In this capacity, they will often be given away as part of seasonal promotions or subscriber contests.

Don’t just look on Facebook, though. Look on any social media network where there is an official presence for the game. Depending on what events are going on at the time, you may well find codes that are posted only on one social media network, but not on any of the other ones.

Another underrated source for codes is on the review page in whatever app store you downloaded the game from. Start with the newest reviews first, and then go backwards in age, because the new reviews are likely to have codes that work, while the older reviews are sometimes likely to have expired codes.

Currently, for the revamped version of the game, there are no active codes. However, be sure to keep checking back, because as new codes get added, we will add them to this article!


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