Skyline Skaters – Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide

Skyline Skaters is a new endless running game for the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. You’re a skater who is happily and peacefully skating across rooftops in the city, when all of a sudden a police helicopter spots you and starts chasing you, so your goal is to run from them for as long as possible, without falling into any gaps, and to collect as many coins as possible in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Skyline Skaters!

-The longer that you go in a run, the more the coins will be worth. Silver coins are worth more than bronze coins, and gold coins are worth more than silver coins.
-Upgrade your skateboard to increase the score multiplier. This isn’t important unless you’re trying to compete with your friends by score (or with people on Game Center). Or unless a quest requires you to earn a certain amount of points in one run.
-Log into Facebook with the game to receive Mia for free (her specialty is a bonus for grinds). You’ll also receive one free cash daily.

-Free cash is most abundant as a reward for leveling up, and leveling up is done by completing the quests that the game gives you.
-Start buying longboards as soon as you can in order to earn a massive amount of coins. Each longboard increases your coin bonus.

-Not only does each board have its own specific bonus, but you’ll earn an extra bonus depending on how much of a specific type of board that you have (such as street boards, longboards and freestyle boards)
-Every time that you finish a run, you can choose to share the run and receive 2,500 free coins. If you want, you can change the privacy setting on Facebook to “only me” before you send it if you don’t want to bug your friends with it.

-Each character has their own set of quests. Once you unlock and equip a new character, the missions will start over again.
-Upgrade each of your power ups for the ability to use them in the game, and then upgrade them more to make them appear more often and for their effects to last longer.

-Collect all of the letters required to spell a word in order to enter super skate mode. In this mode you will earn a massive amount of coins. Always go for the gold ones, then the silver ones, then the bronze ones. Typically the bronze ones will pop up first, followed by the silver and the gold.

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