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Slam Jump – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Slam Jump is a new iOS and Android game that is essentially a new kind of beat-em-up/fighting game. Your goal in this game is to fight against others by jumping and doing a drop-kick – there are no other moves that you can do besides those two. Despite the lack of available moves, this makes battle a very complex and difficult thing. You can rack up cash, improve your characters, and unlock new characters as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Slam Jump!

Arcade mode is where you can earn cash, mainly, and your goal here is to beat up wave after wave of robot fighters for cash. Not only should you maximize your kills, but maximize your combos as the longest combo and the number of combo hits contribute to your cash at the end. Perfect waves, waves where you don’t take damage, will also earn you bonus cash.

You don’t have any energy limiters, so at some point you’ll be better off grinding the arcade mode for cash without buying upgrades for whatever character you have. Instead, rack up the cash and save it for a stronger character, such as Elletra, Marco or Draven, who have vastly improved stats compared to G Dab and Aki Habara.

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Training allows you to upgrade your character’s stats by spending time instead of money. It takes two hours per training session to complete what you’re doing. Use it when you have more than one character that you like to use in battle, because when a character is training, they won’t be able to play in the arcade or the versus mode, so you’ll have to switch to a different character.

Tournament mode will present a different style of fighting than the other modes. In this, you’ll have slower fighters going against you who often try to wait you out and then stomp you. Use speed to your advantage, and make sure to bounce off of the side walls, because kicking the side of the screen gives you a massive jump back to the middle of the level allowing you to sneak up on an enemy. You can earn massive cash from the tournament modes, too.

You don’t have to hit the actual button to do the jump or the attack. If you tap a bit too low then you won’t actually make any contact; however, if you tap above the button, even far above the actual buttons, then you will make contact and either jump or attack in the direction of the side of the screen that you are tapping on.