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Slashy Knight: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Slashy Knight is a new endless hack-and-slash game by Orbital Knight for the iOS and Android platforms. You start off playing as a normal knight with a dislike for windmills (Don Quixote joke in the game), and as you go longer distances and kill more enemies, you gain experience levels, unlock new characters, and earn gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for Slashy Knight!

You start off with an attack power of 1, but as your level increases, so does your beginning attack power; for example, at level 3, your beginning attack power will be three. You can only kill monsters with equal or less attack power than you have, but for each one you kill, your attack increases by one, allowing you to kill more and more powerful monsters.

Quests are the quickest way to earn gold and experience points, so read the quests and focus on completing them before you begin a stage. At the end of the level, you’ll automatically earn your quest reward. New quests take awhile to pop up, but by watching an ad video, you can make them appear automatically without having to wait. You can have up to three quests on your active quest list at a time.

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You can earn coins from within the game itself, but if you want to earn coins far more quickly, go to the Free Gold button in the main menu screen and tap it. Claim the free gold when it’s available, and watch an ad video in order to double your gold earnings. Ad video offers will also allow you to double your earnings from completing a quest or when you finish a stage.

Some objects will kill you if you run into them, while others won’t. Watch out for trees and hay bales, as they’ll end your run immediately – and of course, so will falling in the water. If you see a barrel, though, smash it, as barrels contain bonuses such as coins, extra lives, or the fire sword power-up, which lets you kill any monster that you touch no matter the attack rating. You can cut through fields of crops, and in fact, will often need to in order to complete a quest.

As you gain experience, you can branch out beyond the initial level, which is Croppy Fields. Unlock Mystic Forest by reaching level 5, Rocky Mountains at level 10, Frost Land at level 15, Gloomy Graveyard at level 20, and Dangerous Desert at level 25. More levels are expected to be added to the game as more updates are added by the developers.