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Slide the Shakes: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Slide the Shakes is the latest new release by Prettygreat, the company that is most famous for Land Sliders. In this game your goal is to slide a shake down the table, to the green spot, but you can’t let it slide off of the table, or else you have to start the level over again. The farther you go, the more challenging the sliding course and the more variation in levels and even shakes. read on for some tips and tricks for Slide the Shakes!

You pull back more to slide the shake harder, almost kind of like Angry Birds, but the only two ways to visually tell the distance are by using the speed that the arrows flash and by using the color of the arrow. Go by the color of the arrow first as that is a very easy way to tell. Unless you’re colorblind, this should be your first option for figuring out how far you are going to launch the shake.

Start off sliding it more softly and then gradually launch it harder. It’s better to slide it too softly than too hard, so if you aren’t sure yet on what color equals what distance, start off more slowly. Eventually you will get the hang of colors and distances, making it much easier to pull off quick slides.

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Watch out for the jelly and the ice. The jelly is the pink stuff all over stages, and it will slow down your slide, putting you at risk of tipping your shake. Ice, on the other hand, has zero friction, so the only stopping that you will do when you slide on ice is that which is caused by gravity.

As you progress through the game you will unlock more and more shakes. Different shakes have slightly different performance characteristics. Heavier ones are harder to slide fast, but will slide with more momentum. Lighter and more top-heavy shakes will tip over a lot more easily, making jelly extra dangerous for them to slide on.

You can go back to any level that you want to at any point in time by pausing the game and switching levels. However, there is no way to skip levels in this game. So if you have a tough level that you are stuck on, you just have to keep trying and trying new things in order to eventually beat it.