Slingshot Braves – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Page 2

5) Get rare weapons, armor and helmets any way that you can.
Aside from using the Gacha, you can find many of them in quests, especially in the tougher quests. Co-op quests will earn you stuff that you can’t get anywhere else. Complete blueprints in order to earn special rare items. Plus, evolve your weapons in order to increase their rarity by one.

4) Upgrade and evolve your equipment to grow much stronger.
It’s tempting to just upgrade and evolve your weapons, but do it to your armor as well so that your stats are balanced out. Use the materials to upgrade, but try to avoid wasting rare materials. Once you max out the level of a piece of equipment, then go to the Evolve screen and see what you need to get in order to do the evolution. Then once you evolve them, since they will be at level 1, start upgrading them all over again to make them extremely powerful.

3) Participate in the events to earn huge prizes.
Events only happen for a limited time, but there are always new events popping up, and where there are events there are sure to be huge prizes for participating and for emerging victorious. Usually they will include special quests, but oftentimes other stuff will be part of the event as well.

2) Switch out your characters before they die in battle.
Any character that is in the reserve will regain hit points; however, once a character is killed, they won’t be able to recharge anymore, and your combo will be lost. So keep switching your characters around to allow them to gain their health back

1) Need help with anything else? Check out the “help” menu within the game itself.
The developers were nice enough to put an entire basic walkthrough into the help menu of Slingshot Braves. Go to the help menu for general information and advice on just about anything. For more specific advice, though, read around this site. Or stumble through the game and eventually you’ll either learn it from an NPC or figure it out yourself.

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