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The more aggressive snakes are the ones which tend to grow the biggest. Even if you are a small snake, you can kill a big snake by making it run into your body, so be fast, have quick reflexes, catch snakes off guard, and trick them into running into you. Then go back and eat them.

If you are in a crowded area when you kill a snake, then be super careful. Use the double-tap dash in order to race through the big dots and eat the snake quickly. If you see other snakes coming face first for you, dash-turn out of the way and let them have the dots. Don’t kill yourself trying to hog all of the dots.

If you and another snake are going head-first into each other, play chicken with them. Move before they move, and if you win and they run into you, that’s another batch of fresh, high-quality dots for you to eat and grow huge with. If you both run head first into each other, though, the game gives the win to whoever is larger.

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As a big snake, you turn a lot more slowly than a small snake does. That’s why it’s extra important to play a little more conservatively when you get big. However, it’s very easy to get small snakes to die by dashing in front of them as they tend to not expect big snakes to charge in front of them so aggressively.

Sometimes you will see a random dot dashing around just like a snake normally would be. These are merely normal dots; if you eat them, they give you the same amount of points. Being that they are exceedingly hard to catch, your general best bet is to ignore them.

One of the favored tactics of large snakes is to surround you and slowly close in on you when you have no escape. Avoid this by staying in between multiple snakes if you see them. If you become a big snake, use this tactic on smaller snakes, or ESPECIALLY on bigger snakes who you catch coiling over themselves in a circle.

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