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Slow Down (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Slow Down is the latest endless game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms. You control a bouncing ball, but unlike in the countless other Bouncing Ball games for the iOS and Android, tapping on the screen slows down your movement while letting go makes you move quickly. Read on for some tips and tricks for Slow Down by Ketchapp!

You’re going to need to act quickly in this game, because there is a slight bit of delay between when you either tap the screen or let go of the screen, and when the ball either speeds up or slows down. The ghostlike effect doesn’t help either. Move too slowly or decide your next move too slowly and you’ll crash right into the next obstacle.

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Stars are the currency of the game. After you get 100 stars you will be able to get a new shape. Each star that you collect within the stages is worth 1. Sometimes, after you finish a stage, a prompt will pop up with a button saying ‘free stars’ Tap it and an ad video will appear real quick. Once you finish the ad video, then you will eanr 10 free stars.

To get the highest score possible, sometimes the best strategy is to start off holding down on the screen so that your baseline is the slow speed. It’s a lot easier to start off moving slowly and then to speed up, then it is to start off moving quickly and then slow down from there. Oftentimes this makes it a lot easier to get high point totals.

You get one point for each obstacle that you jump over on a stage. If you jump over more than one obstacle in one single jump, you will get a point total equivalent to how many of them you jump over all at the same time. So if you leap over two, you get two points, and if you leap over three, you get three points.

Hit the Game Center or Google Play areas to compare your score to the best in the world. Right now there are not too many hacked high scores. Go past all of the 10,000 or 7,999 point scores to the ones which look realistic but still difficult. Use these ones as a standard to benchmark yourself against if you are trying to figure out, and beat, whoever has the highest score.