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Small Street for iPhone: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

If you haven’t played the Small Street app for the iPhone yet, or you just downloaded the game and are just starting out, here are some basics to help you on your way. This can even be good for you if you already play the game, but you still have some unanswered questions. Read on!

Small Street plays like a horizontal version of Tiny Tower or Dream Heights, so to speak. You build buildings along a street, and the buildings can be one of two types: A business or housing. Housing takes the form of townhomes/condos and each residential building houses a maximum of 5 residents. Businesses employ a maximum of 3 residents and allow you to stock and sell up to 3 different types of items or services.

Businesses fall under three different types of categories: Restaurants, apparel stores, services, education or relaxation. When you build a new building, and you choose what business to build, there will be a “Demand” section under each type of business, so you know which business is in the highest demand.

Each resident of yours will have different number scores for different types of businesses, from 0 to 9. 0 means that they absolutely hate working at that business, and 9 means that they would be a perfect fit for that business. The higher the resident score, the more bonus money your resident will make you from that business. You can switch employees in and out throughout the game, allowing you to have the highest-scoring residents working in your businesses.

The taxi is at the left corner of your city, and contains either prospective residents who want to move into a townhome, or tourists who want to visit a business. When you click the taxi, a number will appear indicating which building they want to go to. If you take them to the wrong building, you get no bonus, but if you take them to the right building, you get bonus money. If they request a townhome and you take them to the right townhome, and there happens to be a vacant spot, then they will move in and become a new resident. Every so often, a VIP visitor will show up, and request to be taken to a certain building (not by number, but by the name or type of business). Take them to the right place and you will get a HUGE bonus.

Credits are the premium currency for the game. You can either use them to buy stuff, or use them to speed up construction and/or stocking and sales of items in your businesses. Go to the Menu area, and there are many things you can spend credits on – for example, you can buy a faster taxi or you can upgrade all of your businesses. Whether you buy credits or earn free ones as the game rolls on, you can enhance the game with them.

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