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Smash Balls: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Smash Balls is a new endless home-run hitting game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to hit as many of them as you can in a single round, through increasingly challenging levels. You can earn tickets that can be used to purchase upgrades so that you can earn even more tickets, and of course, that you can unlock new bats with. Read on for some tips and tricks for Smash Balls!

There are two hitting zones that you can tap the screen in. The crescent-shaped zone in the front lands you a regular single if you register a hit in it. The circle below it is the home-run zone, which earns you two points. With each consecutive homer, you earn one more point – on your 27th straight home run, you’ll earn 28 points, for example.

The longer that you stay in a game, the more levels you’ll go through. Level one features nothing but straight pitches. Level two introduces curveballs to the mix. With each level afterwards, the curveballs’ curvature gets more ridiculous, and the pitches come more quickly. You can still time pitches fairly easily over the span of one level, though, as the timing doesn’t change until you make it to a new level.

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You earn tickets for the amount of time that you spend hitting, so whether you hit home runs or singles don’t really matter. The lonegr that you spend hitting, the more tickets you earn, so just stay in the game as long as possible, and go through as many levels as possible to maximize your ticket earnings.

Upgrading your stadium also increases your earnings; plus, it makes more room for more fans to sit in the stadium, and the stadium fills up as you continue to get more and more hits. Upgrading your bat doesn’t do anything except for change the appearance of the bat; it’s purely for cosmetic purposes.

Once you lose at a level one time, as long as you have a data connection, you can start it over again from where you left off by watching an advertisement video. Once the video is over, you will start again on the same level, with the same number of points, although if you had a home run combo going up to that point, it will be gone.