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Smash Cops Heat for iOS: How to get more stars, unlock new levels and cars, and increase your rank

In Smash Cops Heat, there are a ton of stages that you can play, but you don’t start out with every single stage available to you. However, as you go, you can unlock more stages. You can unlock more cars as well, but you only start the game off with one car. Each stage has 5 possible stars that you can earn, and your character has many different ranks that he can acquire over time. Read on to find out how to get every single one of them!

To get more stars, finish the stage in a quicker amount of time, finish the stage with less damage done to your car, and if applicable, finish the stage with the highest amount of suspect arrests that you can get (this applies if you are playing a stage where extra suspects are chasing you to protect the main suspect, or time attack stages where you are being chased). You can get bronze, silver, and gold rankings in time, damage taken and suspects arrested.

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Also, if you happen to be playing a stage where there are multiple cop cars (including you) going after the suspect, then you will get one extra free star if you don’t destroy any cop cars in the process of beating the stage. There is no silver or gold here, only a thumbs up or thumbs down, and a thumbs up (no cops destroyed) means one extra star.

Get more of these stars to unlock new levels. You unlock 4 new levels each time you get a certain number of stars (the number is different every time that you unlock a set of levels). There are 28 total levels in the game. Go to the garage menu in order to see how many stars you need to unlock a particular car. One car, the Reaper, can be unlocked when you get 25 Donuts (one donut is 3 donut pieces in one stage). Another, the Hornet, is a racecar which can only be unlocked in the app store, and even then it’s only for 5 missiosn.

Increase your rank, of course, by getting more stars. Every so often when you play a stage, the game will tell you how many more stars that you need in order to finish ranking up, so work on collecting the required number of stars in order to do so.