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Smashy Road: Arena Tricks and Cheats: Tips and Strategies to Dominate the Arena

Smashy Road: Arena is a new entry in the Smashy Road series by Bearbit BV, following the mostly unknown Smashy Road and the smash hit Smashy Road: Wanted. In this entry you can play in an arena mode as well as make use of weapons and new landscapes to get rid of the police. You’re in the right place for Smashy Road: Arena tips and strategies!

You aren’t always going to get new cars from the gacha machine when you spend 100 coins. Sometimes you will get new colors or new weapons. Go to the “home” button between rounds to pick cars, weapons and colors. Swipe up and down to pick a new car, or swipe left and right to choose between cars, colors or weapons. Experiment to see which weapons you like best.

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You can almost never really get rid of the cops. Aside from using a weapon, you can lead one of them to smash into a fuel truck, which will send it sky high. There is only one way to get rid of cops permanently. Go toward the water with the cops close on your tail and take a sharp turn at the last second. Typically at least one of them will fall into the water. When they splash down, they won’t come back and you will be able to continue your run for longer.

There is cash here and there scattered throughout the stage, but the quickest way to get more cash is to take the free gifts that pop up every once in awhile, and to watch the video offers. The video offers will appear when you hit the “earn cash” button” and after the video is done playing, you will earn some cash. Four or five videos is all that it takes to get a new spin at the machine.

You can build up a big collection of cars in this game. Each car has different characteristics – trucks will be faster off road, bigger vehicles will take hits better, etc. The rarer that a car is, the more extreme its characteristics will be. For example, the F1 car will be mind-blowingly fast on the streets.

Make sure that you are in a place with a good connection if you play in the online mode. Once your connection goes out for even a second, your game will be completely thrown off, forcing you to either respawn, or to restart the game altogether in order to get it going again.