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Smashy Road: Wanted – Guide: Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Page 3

5) Smash into the gasoline tanker trucks and they will blow up. Be careful though, especially if you are using a larger vehicle, as they can flip you over fairly easily. If you are using a small, low sports car such as the Red Rare, you should be fairly save, and you have a good chance of blowing up nearby police cars as well.

4) Approach it from the right way/head on, and you can end up flying up in the air fairly high. You can’t control what tricks you do, and they don’t give you any points, but they’re still fun as hell to do. Try flying over a pyramid while doing a barrel roll and then tell me I’m wrong about that, because that’s doable with those tanker trucks.

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3) Use the car haulers to your advantage too. Take a flying jump off of them and you can vault over other cars, including cop cars, or you’ll throw off the cops who are chasing you from behind and cause them to smash into other cars. Be careful though as these can cause you to flip over or onto your side if you don’t take them from the correct angle.

2) When you approach a police barrier, smash through the barriers themselves, not through the cop vehicles. The cop cars are very hard to move, and the cop armored trucks are almost impossible to move, so if you run into one of those, that’s likely to be instant death or “Busted” for your car, and the end of your run.

1) If you are using a bigger vehicle, you can ram right into a cop car or even a cop tank and blow them right up. If you are using a smaller vehicle, doing so will only get your car destroyed most of the time, and you’ll have to use more finesse in order to score points and get rid of the cops.

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