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Smashy Road: Wanted – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

One of the legendary cars, and potentially the most valuable one to have, is the Money Man, which is a giant armored money truck. It is rather easy to flip, but very hard to destroy by crashing, and each time that you pick up one cash in a round, you earn 5 cash instead of just one. Roll for this one and you’ll earn fast cash for quite a long time.

The other two are the F1 and the Tank Destroyer. The F1 is by far the fastest car in the game, so when you use it, you can very easily outrun anyone. The only problem is staying alive by avoiding other cars on the road. The Tank Destroyer is huge and powerful, and is a little bit slow, but makes up for it by being to smash cops and run other cars off the road with little to no damage done to itself.

The gas tanker will blow up as soon as either you or a cop hit it, so try to entice a cop to run into it for some quick points. Better yet, if you are being chased hard, run straight into it (not at an angle) and you can vault so high you can sometimes even jump clear over another obstacle. At a high enough speed, you can vault over a pyramid or a mesa in the desert area, or a building in the city area.

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If you get cornered by the cops in front, then try to reverse. You can reverse for a very long time, for as long as you want in fact, just as long as you keep moving back. At some point you may hit an obstacle, and turning in reverse is very hard and very slow, so when this happens, try to find an opening to go forward again as that’s a much quicker way to move. But reverse quickly before you get busted and you can stay alive for a surprisingly long time.

The behavior of the other NPC cars (not the cop cars) will be different depending on if you have an internet connection or not. If you do, then they will behave normally, usually moving the same way when you encounter them on the road. If they do not, then oftentimes they will instead be standing still when you find them on the road, making them a tougher obstacle to avoid. However, this also makes them a tougher obstacle for the police to avoid.

Go off road and you will find a whole bunch of little random, semi-secret areas that you won’t otherwise find, especially in the city. One of them is the fairly common construction yard. Go across the grass and you’ll also find an industrial park with warehouses (which contain cash), an airport, a Chinatown, and some other fun goodies. Keep looking because there are countless secret areas built into the game.

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