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Smashy Road: Wanted – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Smashy Road: Wanted is the sequel to a little known Android game called Smashy Road, but this iOS and Android game has become far more famous in a short amount of time. Imagine a cross between Crossy Road and Grand Theft Auto, as your goal is to drive all around the city, avoiding the increasingly large number of cops that chases you, and surviving for as long as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Smashy Road: Wanted!

Your car drives automatically, with you controlling the ability to go left or right, or to brake and reverse by hitting the L and R petals simultaneously. Take care to watch out for oversteer when you turn as your car slides rather easily. Also, reverse quickly when you get cornered so that you don’t sit still too long and end up busted.

Everytime that you see the ‘free cash’ button, tap it and you will instantly open a present containing cash. Every time that you see the “earn cash” button, you can watch an advertisement video, which earns you about 20 cash per pop. Once you earn 100 cash, you will be able to pull the gumball machine and get a new car.

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Each car has somewhat different characteristics. There are some cars that allow you to go fast off-road, but are slower on road, such as the lifted Hummer-esque trucks. Others, such as the Red Rare sports car, are lightning fast on the road, but are slow and difficult to control if you take them off road.

If you want to lose cops, your best bet is to wreck them. Cops can’t turn as tightly as you can so pulling a rapid 180, especially near a building or structure or near some cars, can cause them to crash and burn. Go off road and drive through business parks or groups of buildings and you can lose them and wreck some of them, as well.

Explore around. Don’t just stay in the city or desert that you begin the game in. Look around and you will find other areas connected to it. You’ll find a construction yard where you can hide inside of dirt piles and piles of gravel, as well as smash through fences. Or you can go from the city to the desert and vice-versa.

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