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Smove – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Smove is a new game for the iOS and Android that provides an insane amount of challenge for a very short amount of time. This app has seemingly been engineered specifically for the purpose of frustrating the user, but to good effect, as you’ll just keep wanting to go for “Just one more game” to try to break your score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Smove for the iOS and Android!

The main thing to remember is that points are only earned once you collect the square on the screen. Collect the squares as quickly as possible. Don’t waste time moving around the screen too much unless you get stuck in such a bad position that you literally have to. Collect the squares to make new squares appear.

Each time that you earn 10 squares, the color of the screen will change and the pattern of the balls that shoot at you change. For example, two balls at a time will shoot at you once you hit 10 points. Once you hit 20 points, one at a time will shoot at you, but at varying rates of speed. Uneven sets of two will shoot at you once you collect 30 points. These changes continue on as you increase your score.

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Check the leaderboards on Game Center or Google Play to see what other players have scored. Right now the top score in the game is a paltry 69 points, followed by 52, so if you play this game for awhile there is a very good chance that you could get good enough to break that score. All it takes is to remember what pattern the balls shoot in, have patience, and be prepared for the challenges.

If you want to get rid of the ads for free, all that you have to do is shut off the data and the wireless on your phone, or set your phone into airplane mode, and then go back to the game and play it again. However, considering this is from an indie developer, who makes their money from the ads, I suggest against it out of principle alone. Keep the ads on to support the developers and keep new games coming.

If you want to hack the high scores, find a good hex editor for the iOS or Android platforms. For the iOS version of the game you will have to use iTunes to put the game onto your computer, then download a computer-based hex editor, mess with the files that control the score or that control the shooting balls (pro tip: make the balls go away), then upload the game back onto your phone or tablet. Same with Android although there should be more freedom as to how you can make it happen.