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Snake Mania (Facebook Game) – Tips, Cheats, and High Score Strategy Guide

Snake Mania is a new Facebook Messenger instant game that’s similar to an ultra-fast, timed and competitive version of, except that it’s playable not only on Android and iOS but on your computer as well. Your goal in this game is to get the highest possible score in a limited amount of time, work your way up the various ranks and tiers of competition, and compete against your friends, while earning diamonds and unlocking new skins. Read on for some tips and cheats for Snake Mania!

The key difference between this game and is that the random beans and fruits that you find through the stage are worth far more, especially when you are smaller. They’re worth around 70 points apiece to begin with, but when you grow large, they drop and drop in value. Jet around the level and collect these, using the speed boost to quickly eat large clumps of beans, to increase your score rapidly.

Kill other snakes by darting in front of them and causing them to crash into you. Lots of snakes will crash into you by accident, more and more as you grow larger. When you get the kill alert, turn around and start eating all of the beans that appear when a snake dies or when you kill a snake.

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You can respawn at the same size; use this to your advantage to cheat your way to an insanely high score in the last minute of the round. Grow huge, then die and respawn and you’ll be able to eat your own death beans. The later the round gets, the more death beans will appear because everyone else will get more aggressive and will typically die, too. Respawn, chow and die and respawn again until the end of the round and you can end up with a score of over 100,000 if you do it right.

Keep it up and you’ll race through the tiers rapidly. The global scores are ranked by the highest score in one round, the most times being MVP (highest score at the end of the timer), and highest tier. The more times that you get a high score or the most kills, the faster that you’ll race up through the tiers.

You have to get chips in order to get skins. Watch ad videos for diamonds, or open chests that unlock when you pass various point totals for a session, to unlock the various skins. With the skins you get a competitive advantage because there are so many of the basic Horn skins around that you’ll instantly look different from all of the rest, which is especially important as you get bigger and bigger.