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Snake vs Colors: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Snake vs Colors is a new game for the iOS and Android platform that’s a level-based puzzle game. Your goal is to move your snake through and around different-colored blocks, barriers, and other obstacles in order to make it to the next level, with stages getting harder and harder as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Snake vs Colors!

There are two modes to the game, actually. There is an endless mode and a level-based mode, both of which present their own challenges. To go to the endless mode, tap on the “Tap To Start” button on the main menu. To go to the levels, just tap on the “levels” button or on the lower half of the screen in general instead.

The levels have a fixed set of challenges, and for the most part, they only have two or three colors for you to switch between. If you fail once at a level, then you’ll get a chance to play the exact same level the next time that you start the mode. In endless mode, levels are completely random and contain a blend of every obstacle you’ll see in levels, plus more, and all colors.

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Some of the most annoying obstacles are the self-destructing squares of four blocks. When you see them, go behind them whenever possible because they almost always try to shoot toward the center of the level. If you go down the middle, your chances of getting killed are high, but going down the side makes them easy.

You can compare your score to the scores of every other player on either Google Play or Game Center, depending on your platform of choice, by tapping on the trophy button. Tap on the options button and the options menu will pop up. One option will be the privacy settings, which allows you to turn ad tracking on and off. Restore purchases applies when you buy ad-free mode, then delete the app, then install it again.

For the levels mode, you can only play the most current level. Once you beat a level, you can’t go back to it. You can, however, reset the app by deleting it and then reinstalling it if you want to go back; however, this will start you back off at the very first level, so it’ll take you awhile to get back to where you used to be.