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Snakeio – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Snakeio is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. As the name gives away, this game is a lot like, but with quite a few changes, making it a different experience, such as longer snakes and a smaller board. Your goal is to get the highest score in one round that you possible can. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

The one thing that separates this game the most from is that you play only against bots. None of the other snakes are controlled by other players. The main benefit to this is that you can play without any data connection, and you never have to deal with any lag. So if you are on an airplane and you’re bored and want to play, play Snakeio instead.

This also makes it fairly easy to pick up on the patterns of the bots. They are a lot more uniform than the patterns of the players on, since, of course, they are all controlled by other players. Even the bigger snakes will have similar-ish patterns to the small ones. And of course, the small ones will become big ones over time, since you’ll always restart onto the same level.

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If you want to start over without the same batch of snakes, close out the game and then open it back up again. A new batch of snakes with different names will show up. Many of the names are references to skins or other pop-culture references, or even references to Cel, the other game that is made by this company.

When you die, you can watch a video for, as the button on the screen says, more mass. However, what the video does instead is it allows you to start again with the same mass that you had when you died the first time. So watch it to restart your old run, especially if you were huge before. You can only watch this once per run though.

Hit the dash button to dash when you’re about to overtake another snake. If you hit the side of the screen, you die, so don’t hit that by accident. Instead, try to trap another snake so that they have to choose between hitting you or hitting the side of the screen, which will kill them either way. Then eat their dots after they die to make huge gains.