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NEW: February 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them is a new iOS and Android game that resembles a low-def 3D version of Your goal is to become as big as possible and your method of doing this is to eat all of the dots that you can, kill other snakes before they kill you, and don’t get killed for as long as possible. You can get high scores, unlock new skins, and more. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for!

Unlike in, there is no dash move in this game. That means it’s more difficult to kill a snake than it is in other games. For most of the game, you can rack up most of your kills simply by accident, especially as you get bigger and bigger. To get an intentional kill, get side to side with another snake, just ahead of it, and slowly change direction toward its head to trick it into running into you. Or if you’re long enough, surround it with your body.

Your score is not measured in points in this game. Instead, it’s measured in percentage points, but unlike traditional percentage points, these ones can go to over 100 percent. The bigger you get, the higher your percent is. The hardest skin to unlock is at 200%, so get that big to unlock that new skin.

You have all kinds of skins that you can unlock in this game. The unlock requirements are as follows:
Blue Snaky: Get 2% in one run. Super easy.
Milk Snake: Get 10% in one run.
Garter Snake: Achieve 15% on a single run.
King Snaky: Achieve 20% on a single run.
Sand Snaky: Achieve 25% on a single run.
Pinky: Achieve 30% on a single run.
Coral Snake: Achieve 35% in a single run.
Dragon Snaky: Achieve 40% in one run.
Bullet Train: Achieve 45% on a single run.
Train: Achieve 60% during one single run.
Rat Snaky: Achieve 80% in one single run.
Salt Snaky: Get 100% on a single run.
Truck: Achieve 200% on a single run, somehow.

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Once you lose at a round, you can watch an ad video in order to restart from the size and score that you left off at. You can only do this once per round. Your best use of this is for if you are about to unlock a new skin, but you get killed just before you hit the unlock point. Revive and then eat some more dots until you get the new skin.

Once you’re long enough, you will be able to surround another snake using your body to kill it. Your body will slowly close up on the snake, causing it to have a smaller and smaller circle until it can’t do anything else or until it just gives up and kills itself.

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