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Snapimals – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Snapimals is a new picture-taking game for the iOS platform, described by many as the spiritual successor to the classic Pokemon Snap. Your goal is to build the next great wildlife museum by taking the best possible pictures of various wild animals. The Captain judges the pictures, and then the best ones get posted. Read on for some tips and tricks for Snapimals!

Your pictures are judged on size, angle, and position. In order to get a perfect picture that scores 10s all around, the animal should be as close to the camera as possible, and they should be facing the camera. In addition, if the animal is in the middle of a specific action, such as sleeping or running, or if you catch two or more animals in the same picture, that’s worth extra points.

You only have a limited number of pictures that you can take per go-around, so make sure that you use your shots wisely and be careful where you tap so that you don’t take any accidental pictures. Don’t bother taking repeat pictures of the same animal unless they are for the purposes of fulfilling a new quest, or unless you haven’t gotten a perfect 10 shot of that animal yet.

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Coins can be earned either by collecting from your museum and other amusement buildings on your island, or by going on more safaris and taking more pictures. Save up your coins and go on safaris as often as possible, so that you can level up your museum and increase the number of pictures that it can hold. After certain level milestones, you’ll unlock new areas to go to as well, complete with new sets of animals.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and can be used to speed up construction or to buy more rolls of film (the game’s equivalent of energy timers) after you run out. Save up your gems – try not to spend them all at once because the early parts of the game are the times when you need gems the least, because construction takes the shortest time compared to later on in the game.

The better pictures that you take, the more coins and bonuses you can earn. Bonus if the pictures are good enough to be sold on postcards, or to be displayed in the museum as well.