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Snowboarding The Fourth Phase – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Snowboarding The Fourth Phase is a new snowboarding game for the iOS and Android platforms, and the latest mobile game associated with the Red Bull brand. In this game you play as a rookie snowboarder whose goal is to break into the pro scene with more speed, more tricks, and more races. You can race at high speeds down tougher and faster slopes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Snowboarding The Fourth Phase!

Before you go on a run, be sure to check all of the missions that can be accomplished at the moment on the run. If you forget what the missions are, go to the pause area after you begin the round and you can see what they all are. Completing these missions will allow you to finish the round and earn some good rewards.

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Take tricks to the highest level that you can when you do them. Do a grab for as long as possible, then right yourself at exactly the right time and land perfectly to earn the most points. You can even combine various types of grabs and others together. The bigger the jump, the more that you can combine for more points.

Of course, don’t forget about the basics either, such as going through the slaloms and collecting the little markers when applicable in order to earn points. If you earn enough points by doing these little things, you will have a lot more room for error when it comes to your tricks.

Different types out of outfits and different equipment will have various effects, such as changing your score multiplier. Even better is to build an outfit collection so that you can get a bonus for an entire outfit being put together. These can make an outfit be worth far more than just the sum of its bonuses.

For even more bonuses, look for the levels that you have beaten already, but have not completed all of your available missions on, and then go back to them and play them again. Play them multiple times consecutively in order to keep your immediate familiarity with the level so that you can achieve the highest scores and quickest mission accomplishments possible.