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Soda Dungeon – Advanced Unlimited Gold and Essence Cheat

Soda Dungeon has another cheat for unlimited gold and essence, and this one works far better than the other one. You will be able to score insane amounts of gold doing this trick in a very short period of time, and you will be able to max out your essence easily, up to 9999 at a time until the counter is updated with a new maximum essence total possible. Read on for the advanced unlimited gold and essence cheat in Soda Dungeon!

Okay, first thing to do here is to make sure that you have the bank. You can have the bank at a minimum of level one, but upgrade it as high as possible before you do this trick so that you can store a very high amount of gold. Next, have the magic well purchased from the VIP store, so that you can convert your gold into essence. 5,000 gold will purchase one essence in the well.

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Next, gather up a high amount of gold. Now, go to the date and time settings on your phone and set them ahead a bit, by an hour or two. Now go back to the game and you will have an instant amount of gold that you can collect. The more gold you have, the more you will have in the bank.

The bank works by collecting a maximum of half the gold in your current possession at the time, or one million gold max, whichever is less. The higher the upgrade, the longer it takes, so you may have to set the time ahead by a really long time if your upgrade level is low. Then when you collect from the game, the counter resets again.

Next, take that massive amount of gold and start converting it to essence. You can run up the essence counter all the way until you hit 9,999 essence. Then, go to the relics area and spend all of the relics to power up both your relics and your sodas, and then go and do the cheat again and again.

The timer on the bank will be all thrown off when you set your time back to normal – all of the time that was taken off the timers will be added back to the timers. However, the clock will reset once you go through to the next dimension, so you can set your time back to normal and then do this all over again whenever you want to.