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Soda Dungeon: How to get Dinner Boys, Forks, and Bibs

Soda Dungeon is an addicting dungeon-crawler that comes with one of the most game breaking cheats in recent memory. You can get the Dinner Boy, a secret character that comes with two items: the Fork and the Bib. Read on to find out why the Dinner Boy, Fork and Bib are so coveted, and how to get them in Soda Dungeon!

First, you need to have gone through the portal at least once and be in the second dimension in order to do this. Next, you need to upgrade the kitchen in the tavern. The higher the upgrade, the better your chances of making this work. Finally, you need to have the Beds upgrade, so that you can refresh the patrons of your tavern. And finally, you need to have enough money for the refreshes.

The first step in all of this is to go to the options menu and shut off auto equip. If you don’t do that, the trick won’t work. Then, go to the tavern. Search any soda junkies that you see at a table with food on it. If you don’t see any soda junkies there, refresh. Refresh again and again until they appear.

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Once you see a soda junkie with his name changed to “Dinner Boy”, hire him and he’ll come equipped with the Fork and the Bib. Repeat this five more times until you fill up your party. Around one out of every 2 to 4 soda junkies will be a Dinner Boy. The first one will take awhile to show up, but the next ones will come a lot more quickly.

The main gain in all this is the Fork, which is an EXTREMELY powerful weapon. Its base attack is only 20, but it comes equipped with a 100% chance of a critical hit of 600%. This makes for VERY powerful attacks, especially if you have plenty of attack relics and chose the attack soda after the first dimension. (NOTE: According to the devs, the next update will see the Fork nerfed to 15 base attack, 75% chance of a critical hit, and 300% critical damage. Which is still extremely powerful, but not gamebreakingly so.)

The Bib is the armor you get from doing this trick, and it’s pretty much worthless. Dinner Boy is statistically the same as Soda Junkie except for coming equipped with these two items. You can either fire them right away and keep the Fork and Bib, or you can fight with them, and still have the Fork and Bib after all of the fighting is done.