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Soda Dungeon – How to get more Relics and Essence

Soda Dungeon is a dungeon crawling RPG with unlimited replay value, thanks to the existence of the portal. The portal is kind of like a “New Game+” mode on steroids, allowing you to start stronger, power up, and earn relics and essence. Relics power up your fighters, while essence powers up your relics. Read on to find out how to get more of both of them, faster, and free, in Soda Dungeon!

The way to open up Relics is to go through the portal once. This requires you to get to level 100 and then beat the final boss. After going through the portal once, you will earn at least one relic. The next time through, the final boss will be on level 200, so fight it, beat it and you will be able to go through the portal again. Keep on going through for more and more relics.

You can watch ads for free gold before you go through the portal. After you go through the portal, watching these ads will give you free essence AND free gold. Do the tip mentioned in the above link if you want to get free gold and free essence endlessly.

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Enemies will drop essence randomly – at far more random intervals than gold, which is generally based on how strong the enemy is. If you want to get more essence, start farther back in the dungeon. The more enemies you kill in a round, the more likely it is that you will get more essence. Enemies that have a glow around them are the ones that will drop essence in the dungeon.

You’ll unlock the VIP mode shortly in, so after you unlock the VIP mode, go to the VIP store and purchase the gnomes. The gnomes will gather more essence for you in the dungeon when you are questing.

Purchase the magic well upgrade as well when you get the gold to do so in the VIP store. The magic well will enable you to buy essence in exchange for gold, so that the more gold you rack up, the easier it is to get a ton of essence. Go spend that essence on powering up your relics and you can turn any fighter into a badass, even the lousy Soda Junkie that you can get for free!