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Beat and Cheat Soda Dungeon – The Ultimate Guide, Page 2

The doors in the dungeons can also take you to other prizes besides just warping ahead to a future level. You can get a fountain, which immediately heals up all of your party members. You can get a bonus treasure chest. However, you can also get ambushed, or some other nerf, such as drowsy, where one or more party members fall asleep during the next battle.

Need to refill coins quickly? Tap on the coins counter on the main screen if it’s flashing. That means that a video is available for you to watch, which can earn you 750 gold for every one of them that you watch (and essence if you have already been through the portal once). After that, one won’t be available for a short while, but every couple of dungeon crawls or so, you will see another one come available.

Auto-equip is mostly good, but there are some exceptions to that particular rule. The most notable is when it comes to healing shields, such as the turtle shield, or other items which give you healing powers. Oftentimes the auto-equip will reject them due to lower health or defense, but it actually makes more sense to equip them due to the healing powers they give your characters.

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Sometimes the game will have some trouble loading. This happens on iOS devices when they are connected to the internet, and this is because iOS 9 and Game Center do not mix well. There are two solutions to this. One of these is to hold the menu and sleep buttons to reset your phone, then IMMEDIATELY open Soda Dungeon before GC has any chance to load. The other is to reset your phone, then immediately go to the settings on your phone and sign out of GC. Do this and the freezing will end permanently.

The bed is useful to refresh your choice of patrons at the tavern if there is nobody that is any good, or if you hire all of the good fighters. Use it and then you will most likely see more good fighters appear so that you can hire them too. Especially use it if you have just purchased a stool, a new table, or a new type of soda, since more or better fighters can and probably will appear.

Use the wizard to skip ahead, but don’t skip too far ahead, because many of the older levels can earn you a whole lot of coins even after you have enough dosh to fully load your party up with powerful fighters. Starting too far ahead can be detrimental to your earnings.

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