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Beat and Cheat Soda Dungeon – The Ultimate Guide, Page 4

After you get all the way up to level 100 during the first play through of the game, you will fight the final boss, Julius. The method to beat him is similar to the rest of the bosses – have at least two healers in the party, and make sure that they are very powerfully equipped. Without the healers, you’ll have a hell of a time keeping up with Julius.

After you beat Julius, you will be sent back to the town, and the old broken portal will finally be activated. Go through it, and your sodas, dungeon, and gold coins will reset, as will your equipment. You will earn extra prizes, though, including essence and relics, and you will keep all of your tavern upgrades, so when you reset, you won’t have to spend a ton of money on the tavern again.

Spend your essence to power up your relic, especially if the character in question is a favorite of yours. You can get Relic of Soda Junkie, for example, and it will increase all of his stats by one. Start using essence to level up the relic and all of a sudden he can become a LOT more powerful. Same with any of the other characters you earn relics for.

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Watch out for the equipment which drains your stats. This equipment usually drains your attack power, so it works great on a magic user but on a physical attacker it’s horrible, and even on a magic user it takes away one of the great options for when your magic users run out of life. Sell them in order to stop them from popping up when you auto-equip your party.

An easy way to maximize your essence after you go through the portal is to start all the way back at level 1. The glowing enemies are the ones who have a shot at giving you essence, and they pop up completely randomly, with no more difficulty against the player. So the more enemies killed, the better, regardless of how weak they are otherwise.

You can reset the cooldown menu right away for either the free gold or for the tournament countdown by setting the time ahead on your phone or your tablet. The time that you cheat off will be added to the counter, but once you go to a new dimension through the portal, the whacked out timers will reset themselves.

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