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Beat and Cheat Soda Dungeon – The Ultimate Guide

Soda Dungeon is a new dungeon-crawler for the iOS and (coming soon) Android platforms. You play the owner of a tavern who decides on a new business model, consisting of outsourcing your dungeoneering and your treasure hunts to the local ruffians and traveling warriors. They fight monsters and win gold for you, and in exchange you can upgrade your tavern, buying better soda and more stuff, and attracting better and better warriors. Read on for some tips and tricks for Soda Dungeon!

You start off with just one or two Soda Junkies showing up, and you can hire them for free. Later on you get better warriors, but no matter who you have, make sure that you equip them with the best equipment that you can. Upgrade your shopkeeper one time and he will forever have better weapons and armor available. Once you buy it you can equip it on any hired gun, and after the dungeon crawl is over, you get it back so that you can use it again and again.

Be sure to buy all of the soda upgrades, not just your tavern upgrades. The tavern upgrades will increase the quantity of the warriors who show up, but the soda upgrades will increase the quality of the warriors that show up. That way, you don’t just get stuck hiring nothing but soda junkies anymore.

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Once you beat a boss, you’ll often end up with a choice of doors. The doors take you to a different floor of the dungeon. The higher you finish, the more gold you get, so picking a lucky pick can earn you a MASSIVE amount of gold, even if you immediately lose at the next floor.

Automate the game as much as possible to speed it up. Set “auto-equip” as an option so that anybody you hire will immediately get the best equipment. Then hire your strongest warriors first, and the weakest ones last. Or if you want them to be as equal as possible strengthwise, hire your weakest first and your strongest last.

Purchase healing and boost items from the shop keeper to counteract the poisons and other maladies that enemies start to use against you later on in the game. Once they use their attacks, your round will end up a lot shorter regardless of how strong you are, unless you have a stash of healing items that you can use.

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