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Soda Dungeon – Unlimited Gold Trick – How to get unlimited gold coins with no hacks

Gold is the main currency in Soda Dungeon, a new dungeon-crawler for the iOS and Android. The farther you get through dungeons, the more gold that you will get. There is a trick that can earn unlimited gold without having to do any cheats or hacks, though. Read on to find out exactly how to do the gold trick in Soda Dungeon!

You might notice that when you are on the main map screen, check your gold counter and sometimes it will be shining. That means that you can then tap it in order to watch an ad. After the ad finishes playing, you will get quite a bit of gold. 750 gold is what you earn at first, then it fluctuates sometimes. You can even earn essence if you have gone through the portal already.

Once you collect your gold prize, it will be another hour or so before you can collect it again. The key, then, is to go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead by one hour. Now go back to the game and the gold counter will be sparkling again. Tap it for another gold prize.

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Repeat this trick as many times as you want. Once you set the time back to normal though, the timer will start up again, except now instead of being an hour, it will be an hour plus an hour for every hour that you cheated off of the time. The timer will reset, though, each time that you open the portal and go to another dimension.

This trick is great to do right at the beginning when you don’t have much gold and the average battle doesn’t give you much. You can earn gold VERY quickly so that you can purchase quick tavern and soda upgrades and stay ahead of the game. It’s also great to do right after moving on to a new dimension.

However, there is not much point to this trick when you are in the later levels of the dungeons, and earning a ton of coins. At that point, the quickest coin earnings come from the dungeons. At least it will be a short time until the next time that you restart, though, and when you do, this cheat becomes awesome again.

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