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Soda World – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Soda World is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you bottle and sell soda, starting with the cheapest soda in a single country, and expanding your horizons to include selling the most expensive flavors of soda in countries all over the world. You can entice more and more people to move into your area by constructing and upgrading buildings and holding soda celebrations, all in your bid to take over the world with your soda business. Read on for some tips and tricks for Soda World!

As intense as the production line can get, your soda machine is sure to overheat at some point. There are three options to take if you don’t want to wait for the machine to cool off. Tap the thermometer and you can either watch an ad for it to cool off immediately, pay diamonds for the machine to cool off immediately, or you can purchase a day of no cooldowns for $1.99 or your local currency equivalent.

The company R&D upgrades, such as the soda machine upgrades and flavor unlocks, will show more of an immediate affect, but work on constructing buildings to get more people coming to your country, and thus buying more of your soda. As you fulfill wishes, the people whose wishes you fulfilled will tell other people, who will then move in.

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When you have multiple territories, a benefit to going back to your most heavily populated country for celebrations is that you will earn the highest amount of coins possible. Plus, after all of your buildings in a particular country have been fully constructed, the wish quests in that country will apply chiefly to soda celebrations.

For a quick boost in soda sales, go to the construction menu, build the recommended building or upgrade, then close out, then go back in and repeat. Do this until you run out of money, over and over. Every single building is tied to a wish, even if the wish has not been stated by a citizen yet, so the wish will automatically show up in the wish list as completed.

Sometimes an offer will pop up to watch an ad video for free coins, free diamonds, or one of the three power-ups, but only when you are on a good internet connection. The hourglass will give you instant money and hearts. The robotic arm will automatically fill the warehouse full of soda for you. The alien ship will auto-fill all of your vending machines immediately if you use it.