Solstice Arena Tips & Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130615

Solstice Arena is a new multiplayer battle game by Zynga. As the tagline says, it’s “all fighting, no farming”, in a classic “red vs blue” matchup, as three players on each side try to destroy each other’s towers. Rewards are earned, including experience points, valor and gems. It’s also an extremely difficult game without utilizing a little bit of strategy. No hacks, trainers or survey-driven scams are needed to win at this game consistently – simply read on for some tips and tricks!

One of the surest ways to win, especially in the intermediate and advanced bot modes (which are consistently tougher than even the PvP mode), is to slow the game down and play defense. Just like in sports, no offense can beat a good defense. If no other players are sticking around to defend the towers (and they won’t be in solo mode), then stick around and do just that.

Collect all of the suns, moons, earths, anvils and voids as they pop up, especially the big ones, which will have an effect on all players, not just you. Suns correllate with cooldown reduction time for your special moves. Moons equal movement speed. Earths equal basic attack damage. Anvils (Iron) correllate with your maximum health, while voids correllate with basic attack speed. So the more you collect, the more that you are a force to be reckoned with.

As your hit points start to get low, go back to the platform to recover. Turn on the “Autobuy” option, because even though it’s a slight bit more effective to custom buy your equipment, it also uses a LOT of time unless you have just died, and even then you have to do it quickly. Run off the platform and the best new equipment will automatically be bought.

Stick around near the towers and kill anybody who comes close, while your teammates attack the towers. When you have a power play (everyone on the other team has been killed at once), run in and start attacking their towers.

There are five types of characters that you can use, which are fighters, casters, support, tanks and assassins. Tanks have super high defense/health. Fighters have high attack power. Support characters have healing abilities but are weak. Assassins have high powered range attacks. Casters have powerful magic but low health.