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SoulSpark Battle Cards: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

SoulSpark Battle Cards is a new card-battling game for the iOS platform by Copenhagen Creators. This unique game can be thought of as a speed-play version of the formula that games like Hearthstone come from. You build a deck of heroes, set them up with a host of attacks, and then go up against teams of adversaries in a bid for supremacy. Read on for some tips and tricks for SoulSpark Battle Cards!

At first this game seems completely linear, but there are actually a whole lot of ways to improve your deck. The most basic way is to unlock new attacks for your heroes, which done by studying their cards. To do that, go to any card that has a lock icon next to it and tap it. You will have to pay a certain amount of gold to study it, but then the card will be available to you to stick in your deck.

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The other way to do so is to go to the smith and try to get new attack cards. You either pay gold for random cards, or gems for specific cards. It’s generally best to save your gems for the tavern, though. You’ll earn new heroes at the tavern, but if you don’t see any that you like, wait until the next day to spend your gems.

Try to heal your heroes inside of each level as much as possible. If your heroes take damage when you are battling, the damage will stay, and your heroes will recover over time unless you pay gold to recover all of their health. If you’ve upgraded enough and unlocked some good attacks, you can always go back to older stages and play them again and try to heal, because they’re easier.

To figure out what heroes to have in your party, check their health and their attacks. Figure out what the best thing that you can do with their attack scheme is. Go for a good blend of melee attack, ranged attack, and (hopefully) sweeping attacks that hit all enemies at the same time in order to have the most success in battle. Make smart use of your potions, too.

Keep some mana attacks around, rather than just mana healing and buff spells. Sometimes, they are the strongest and most effective attacks in a particular situation. Other times, they won’t be the strongest or the most effective attack, but they will give you some extra mana that you can put towards other spells to use later on.