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South Park: Phone Destroyer – Deck Building and PvP Guide: Card Management and Offense/Defense Guide

South Park: Phone Destroyer is all about killing the other side before they kill you. You can play as a massive range of South Park characters and send them into a battle similar to Plants vs Zombies and Clash Royale. There are a ton of different cards of different tiers, but moreso than the tiers, sound strategy will win battles for you in PvP mode. Read on for the card management and battle guide for South Park: Phone Destroyer!

The main thing to remember when you are building your deck is that there are four types of cards. Tanks can eat a ton of damage and still keep going, and are great for protecting your other cards. Fighters are your infantry – they dish out and take a medium amount of damage, and are good for all situations. Assassins deal a ton of damage and are usually quick, but they die quickly as well. Ranged characters are fragile but can attack from a distance.

To win a battle, you only have to have more energy bars than your opponent. You start off with three energy bars, so if you are at an advantage in battle, start dropping your tanks in and playing defense. If you’re at a disadvantage with not much of the round to go, go for broke and unleash an all-out offensive barrage. You might crash and burn, but you might quickly come from behind as well.

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Even little cards, such as the rats, can be very useful in battle. They might not look like much, but they are quick and they’ll overwhelm an enemy when used in large numbers – the old “Zerg rush” strategy has merit here. Other specialized cards, such as Mimsy, will go right after the boss character, and can really add to your advantage when used effectively, especially with a tank to protect them early on.

Make smart use of your card abilities in order to increase your chances of winning. Some cards have a special attack ability, which, when paired with a good offensive strategy, can make short work of the boss, or can take out the enemy tank. Other cards have support abilities which buff all of your cards, and are smart to use from the back.

Spell cards should not be forgotten, although they shouldn’t be too numerous in your deck. For defensive purposes, a spell card such as fireball can take out large groups of attackers, letting your characters focus on the tank. For offensive purposes, you can aim them straight at the boss, which can be the perfect Hail Mary pass to eke out a last-second win.