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South Park: Phone Destroyer – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a new PvP battle arena game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to build a deck of fighters from the South Park universe, then go against both computer-controlled decks and other players and earn cash and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for South Park: Phone Destroyer!

As you progress through the single player mode, you’ll open pack after pack of cards, and you’ll earn plenty of free packs as well. Many of these cards contain new fighters, but many of them contain upgrade items as well. Upgrades to your cards will cost both gold and upgrade items to do.

Different cards require different upgrade items, though, so if you run out of upgrade items for one card, search around the rest of your deck to see who else you can upgrade. Do this until you run out of upgrade items to keep your deck as powerful as it can be at all times.

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After you do enough upgrades to a card, you’ll be able to level it up. To level up a card, you’ll need to fill the card piece bar at the bottom of the card (e.g. X/5), and of course, gold will be needed. Once you level it up though, the base health and attack power of the card will increase, and you’ll be able to quickly upgrade it again afterwards because the upgrade cost will drop.

When you send your cards out, it’s best to send out a tank first. Most likely, this will be Sheriff Cartman early on. When you send out other cards, place them within the yellow circle surrounding your tank. The tank will soak up hits, while your other cards attack from the relative safety of your tank’s range of protection.

When in battle, tap on one of your cards and hold your finger down for a little bit to see what the traits of that card are before you use it. Different characters have different attack characteristics and targets. For example, Mimsy will only go after the leader of the other team, so placing Mimsy is useless before you get to the leader battle.