Spa Life for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Spa Life is a brand new Facebook game by Clarins, a French company who makes beauty products. Its purpose is twofold. Not only does the game help to promote Clarins’ products, but you also get to play a fun and engaging Facebook game where you run your own spa, where you can do customers’ nails and give massages. Read on!

The fun in Spa Life is two-fold. It acts as both a time management game and a business simulator. When you are actively playing, you have to manage time effectively, but you can’t close your business when you aren’t actively playing. Instead, the business simply keeps on running while you’re gone, which causes you to make money and earn experience points even when the game is shut off.

Your main way of earning money is at your stations. You start off with a Mani/Pedi station and shortly after that you buy a Facial station as part of the introductory missions. When your customers walk through the door they will have an icon over their head showing what service they want (Facial or Mani Pedi, or later on, other services that you unlock as well). You can click them and bring them over to the stations, or they can simply walk there themselves, but if you do it, it goes much faster. You then click them in order to use a product on them, and then when the service is done, you click them to collect their payment. These all happen automatically if you don’t do anything, but if you do it, it happens faster and your customers will be happier.

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Your customer happiness is measured in hearts. If they have more hearts by the time their service is completed, they will be happier, causing the reputation of your salon to increase (measured in hearts). The higher the reputation, the more business you will earn and the more customers will come into your salon. Also, a higher reputation when you are actively playing leads to more business, money and experience when you are not actively playing.

Another way to increase business to your salon is by going to the shop tab and buying advertisements. Each advertisement is specific to one service and increases the amount of customers who come in for that specific service by a certain percentage (e.g. 10 percent or 20 percent).

Refreshments can be bought in the refreshments tab of your store. Refreshments allow you to make customers happier when they’re still waiting for their services. You can give refreshments, such as herbal tea, to waiting customers, and increase the amount of hearts over their heads. You can also buy more chairs to increase the amount of customers who can wait in your shop for your services.

Your salon also has a style rating, which is increased by buying more chairs and decorations for your salon. It already starts out fully upholstered, but you can still buy more decorations, and the more decorations you can squeeze into your salon, the higher your style rating goes, and the higher your style rating goes, the more money you will make for each service you perform.

That’s the basics of Spa Life! Enjoy!

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