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Space Miner Wars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Space Miner Wars is a new iOS and Android space shooter that, for all of the 90’s kids out there, will bring back memories of the old Lunatic Fringe game/screen saver, from the After Dark era. Your goal is to embark on missions to collect ore and scrap, use it to build up your base, and then defend your base from attacks from other players and from the computer-controlled enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Space Miner Wars!

There are two main controls: the stick and the shooting button. One thing that you can do, that the game never shows you, is strafe an enemy or a group of enemies. To do this, drag the stick to get going in one direction, then drag it halfway in another direction, just enough so that the rockets don’t fire, but enough to turn your ship. You’ll maintain momentum and continue moving in that original direction, but you can pivot in any direction while you are doing this.

Strafe-running the base is especially effective during multiplayer battles. You can fly at a high speed toward the corner of a base, turn towards it and fire off a volley of shots, drive-by-shooting style, while maintaining your momentum, and you will likely avoid most of the shots that are directed toward you. Do this over and over and destroy their defensive towers, guns, and other protective devices, then blow apart the meat of their base.

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Upgrade your base continually to ensure that you can hold all of the ore and scraps that you need; consequently, upgrading your base is what enables you to hold more ore and scraps. Upgrade your headquarters to unlock more upgrades for all of your other buildings, as well as for all of your defenses.

Want to get more infinium (the purple gems that serve as the game’s premium currency)? One of the best ways to do so is to get rid of all of the craters, rocks, and debris on your base, which will cost ore, but will earn you infinium as a reward. The craters will keep returning if you have enough space, so you can keep clearing them out. In addition, complete the tasks in the task log for free infinium.

Save up your infinium so that you can buy another builder pod. A builder pod will enable you to build one additional building (or do one additional upgrade) at a time, so that you never have to speed up anything using infinium, and you can get things done twice as quickly on your base.