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Space Pioneer – Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Space Pioneer is a new shooting action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as an astronaut with a large assortment of weapons whose goal is to go from sector to sector, defeating bosses, blowing up rival space stations, and loading up on weapons, equipment, coins, and gems. The bosses get tough, but our tips are tougher. Read on for some tips and tricks for Space Pioneer!

You can load up on free coins and gems in this game easily. Go to the currency store and hit the free gems button, and a video ad will play. When the ad completes, you’ll get gems. For the coins, there is a huge amount of offers on the TapJoy offer wall, many of which are free, and these offers can combine to load you up with coins easily.

Your research base is not mandatory, but it does provide a way to earn more coins and other resources. You can power up your armor and your robot companion, as well as increase your coin earnings, and earn more crystals for base-building and upgrading. Start with the crystal generator, and then work your way to the other buildings, keeping them as highly upgraded as possible to maximize your bonuses.

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You’re going to need a lot of coins in order to do all of your upgrades, and coins are earned a lot more slowly than weapon and equipment card pieces and upgrades. The best way to farm for coins is to go to a boss level that you have already beaten. Kill the boss again, collect the coins, then double and triple your coins afterwards with the ad video offers. Repeat until you have enough coins for the upgrades that you want.

Whenever you earn new skills (which happens whenever you beat a boss or whenever you are lucky enough to find them inside of a chest), try them out first on a level that you have already beaten before you try them in permanent rotation on a new level. Same with a new weapon type – different weapons have different styles of firing, so if you get a new weapon, try it out first on an old level.

If you need a few extra cards in order to finish an upgrade to a weapon or a skill, go to the shop and look for cards to buy. They cost a lot of coins, but if you are looking for a bit of an extra edge, especially with upgrading a rare or an epic weapon, they often can be found in the shop. The shop refreshes every fifteen minutes.