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Speed Golf – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Speed Golf is Ketchapp’s new 2D golf game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to make it through as many holes as possible by shooting the ball into the hole within the 5 second time limit. You can set high scores, collect coins, and golf in all kinds of different landscapes, from desert to Mars to candy land. Read on for some tips and tricks for Speed Golf!

There are two types of holes that you can shoot. The hole in one will take you to the next hole. The chip in will do the same, plus give you a five-coin bonus. To do a chip-in, shoot the ball into the hole or hit the flag pole, with no bounce in between your shot and the hole/pole.

The chip-in is the fastest way to earn coins in this game if you can do it consistently. You can also earn free gifts, which come in the form of a prize box icon after you lose, or you can watch videos for free coins after random losses as well. Each one of these will earn you between 20 and 30 coins.

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Different landscapes have different properties to them. Deserts have a higher friction, for example. Candy courses have a lot of bounce compared to the other levels. Mars is high gravity, while the city is in the dark, with a torch light effect. Each one has its own challenges, but also its own strategies and advantages.

Watch out for the effect of the wind when you’re shooting. If it’s blowing to the left, you will have to hit the ball harder in order to make it into the hole. If it’s blowing to the right, you will have to hit the ball softer in order to avoid overshooting the hole and sending the ball straight out of bounds.

All of the levels are recycled, with no real new challenges coming as your score gets higher except for more frequent wind effect. Practice makes perfect in this case. Once you have the angles and power down for all of the holes, you can get an unlimited score just by doing the same thing over and over.