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Spellbinders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Spellbinders is a new strategy MOBA/tower defense hybrid for the iOS and Android platforms. The battle system is best described as Clash Royale, but with lanes like Plants vs Zombies. You can set a team of cards and battle against opposing players for control of the lanes and the cannons in them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spellbinders!

Before each fight, you can refill the mana and the energy of your spellbinder. Mana refills are uniquely effective in that they allow you to send out loads of cards right off the bat and control the lanes quickly. Use the advantages to deploy loads of cards and cause a quick ruckus.

Getting all three of the cannons pointed toward your enemy causes them to do massive combo shots, taking 10 hit points away from their tower every time that they fire. Use the claim card to quickly turn a cannon toward the enemy, especially if an enemy has just now faced it toward you.

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Know which of your attack spells do single damage, lane damage or screenwide damage. Save your lane damage spells for when there are multiple enemies in the same lane. Save your full splash spells for when there has been a barrage of troops unloaded onto the board. These are good useful splash attacks at that point.

Be aware of which of your troops also has a spell, as that spell, in the right situations, can be just as useful as actually using a spell card. For example, Freeze will freeze all of the troops in his lane. Archers can do damage by shooting ahead of your line of scrimmage.

Any time that you get the chance to rent an extremely powerful card for a round, do that. The rental cards can make or break the difference between winning a tough battle and getting beaten over and over again by the enemy.