Spider-Man Unlimited – Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Spider-Man Unlimited is a new mission driven auto-running game for the iOS and Android platforms. The cel-shaded style of the graphics are some of the prettiest on any platform today. You get to take all manner of Spider-Men on a number of missions, in both endless and non-endless runner style, to fight back against the Green Goblin and his cast of villains. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spider Man Unlimited!

There are numerous obstacles in this game, so jump over the lower ones and slide under the higher ones. Be careful when you slide or jump, because if your up or down swipe is not long enough, then he won’t do the maneuver and you’ll lose the stage immediately. If this keeps happening, then make longer swipes and/or swipe a split send earlier in order to make him complete the maneuver.

There are a number of Spider-Men, each with their own abilities. When you have a duplicate or an unwanted Spider-Man, then you can use it as a feeder card to level up one of the other Spider-Man cards. Also, when you play a stage specific to one Spidey and you use the correct one, you get a huge boost in experience points.

If you aren’t at a high enough experience level and you want a boost right away, go to the endless levels and try to run as far as you can. The farther you run, the more experience you earn. If you want to earn more experience while you’re AFK (or away from the phone as it were) then you can send Spider-Men on missions that take a specific amount of time to complete. These can be found in the My Team menu under Spidey Ops and is only unlockable at level 10.

Once your Spidey hits level-10, you can use the level up feature to merge him with another identical Spider-Man. Once you do that, the star ranking of said Spider-Man will increase by one. Look at the number of empty stars on their card to see how high their evolution level can be.

Iso-8 can be used to get rare Spideys, and then vials can be used to get the more common Spideys in the store. You can send Iso-8 if you want to on continuing a stage after you lose, but it’s better off saved and then used on rare Spideys with better skills.