Spinning Blades: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Spinning Blades is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you have a number of blades spinning around you, and your goal is to collect more of them, destroy other players, and win the battle. First you collect blades that are lying around, then you attack other players and steal their blades. Following that, you can knock the other players out entirely until you’re the last one standing.

You can pick up all sorts of power ups, knock players out one at a time, or just become absolutely massive, and stay away from the eye of the storm so that you don’t get killed early.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Spinning Blades!

First, you and every other player starts off with almost no blades whatsoever. From here, pick up all of the blades that you find here and there around the ground. Each one adds to the total blades that are spinning around you, increasing your size and your strength, so pick up all of them that you possibly can.

Be sure to watch out for the chests, too, because each one of them contains power-ups. Ignore them until you’ve been collecting blades for a while, because if you only have four or five blades, they will take forever to open, but if you have a significant number of blades, then they will be very quick and easy to open.

You have three different kinds of power-ups in this game. One of them is the magnet, which automatically sucks up any blade that’s close to you. Another one is the speed boost, which significantly increases your speed for awhile. The third one is in invincibility star, which provides you with several seconds of being unkillable.

You earn coins throughout the game, and at the end of a round depending on what place you finish in. Coins can be used to upgrade each of the three power ups. They will make them last longer, giving you the upper hand against other players, and right now, there is nothing else to spend coins on besides power ups. So go ahead and spend freely.

There are two ways to win in this game. The first way is to have the most blades when time runs out. The second way is to knock out every other player on the board and be the last player standing, and the second way is usually more common, considering that about a minute into a round, the storm starts closing in, like in Fortnite, forcing the size of the arena to shrink.

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