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Spinny Circle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

The best way to practice getting fast at this game is to constantly play the unidirectional mode. This way you will have absolutely no options to move to the other side if it’s faster; if it takes six taps to get to the next color, then you will have to use all six of those taps and time them just perfectly.

As of this writing, there still has not been any update that gives any use to the “watch ad” button in main menu area, so that button will just sit in the middle of the screen taking up space. The only thing that makes sense is that it is still planned for the earning of some sort of currency, but the developer has not implemented anything yet.

Wanna hack the high score so that you can put something completely unrealistic in there? For the iPhone, if you want to do it without jailbreaking your phone, all that you have to do is download a file explorer program onto your PC, connect your phone, then find the game file. Go in with a hex editor program and find where the high score is, and change it, then save the file and disconnect your phone.

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A similar thing can be done in the Android version of the game, except that the code will be a bit different, and you can find files to do this editing without having to plug your phone into a PC. Use File Explorer and then edit the file. Or you can change it to make all but one of the platforms the same color or to make the ball only stay one color, so that you can get an infinite score, but then allow yourself to die so that you can make it permanent.

Get good enough in the single direction mode and you will end up being able to literally get an unlimited score in the two direction mode. This mode is extremely easy to succeed in; all that you have to do is change the direction that you tap in, and you will never have to tap more than three or four times to get to the next platform so long as you tap in the correct direction.

If you start off accidentally tapping in the wrong direction, correct the mistake as soon as possible with two quick taps in the correct direction. Any delay and you may end up screwing yourself in the current round, but with a quick enough speed at this, you could end up saving the round.

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