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Spirit Guardian – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Spirit Guardian: Vanguard Rush is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game you get to take control of humorous characters such as a drunken-boxing panda and a guitar-playing healer and take on a huge range of villains and bosses, as well as duke it out with other players. You can upgrade your characters with an almost endless batch of equipment and level-ups, while collecting gold, diamonds and other treasures. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spirit Guardians!

Generally, it’s best to play the battles in auto mode rather than in manual mode, because you’ll make it through the game a lot more quickly, gaining quicker experience and treasures. However, in really tough battles, switch to manual mode because the game then becomes a full-fledged action RPG. You will be able to use strategies such as hit and run to avoid attacks while unleashing damage of your own, and all of your team members will follow your leader closely, making this fairly easy to pull off.

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Go back to an old stage with a star score above it and you will be able to play it again. You’ll also have the option to raid the stage, allowing you to finish it right away instead of having to go through the battle scenes again, allowing for extremely quick experience point gain and the ability to earn loads of runes and characters. You get 60 free raids per day, more if you are at a higher VIP level.

Use all of those extra dropped characters as fodder for when you level up your character. You can use up to 10 material cards at a time, and characters of your same element tend to give you more experience. In addition, you can equip a character with runes that you earn in the battle, and when all five slots are filled, you can evolve your character. This will increase all of their base stats and eat all of the runes, but the character will be stronger in the next tier up than they were in the previous tier, even after you sacrifice all of the runes.

Unlike with most mobile RPGs, you can earn VIP points without having to spend any money. Do this by completing the daily quests. VIP boosts will go towards increasing your VIP level, and the higher the VIP level, the better the rewards that you can claim every day, and you’ll earn other bonuses, such as more free raid points every day.

By the same token, gems, which are the premium currency of the game, are very generously given out. All that you have to do is go to the quest menu, tab over to achievements, and check out the achievements that you need to do or collect the rewards for the ones that you have already done. They are a bit more time consuming than the normal quests, but they’re fairly easy to complete and they pay generiously.