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Spirit Hunter (Boomlagoon) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Spirit Hunter is a new RPG by former casual game maker Boomlagoon for the iPhone and iPad platform. This game mixes elements of MOBAs and collectible card games for an action-oriented experience in which you use your best strategy and crafting to beat enemies in increasingly tougher and tougher battles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spirit Hunter by Boomlagoon!

When in battle, adopt a hit and run strategy. When you know the spawn point of enemies, run to that spawn point and then when they spawn or when they get a bit too close to you, start running away to draw them toward you. When they are chasing you they will stop attacking, but when it’s you who is doing the chasing, you’ll still launch attacks at them.

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Don’t use your spells on the easiest enemy in a round. Save them for the hardest enemy, or when multiple difficult enemies at a time are chasing you. Run in such a way as to get them to group together (such as zig zagging while you are running away from them, or running a circle around them) to get them to group together so that you can hit as many of them at a time as possible with attacks.

Open chests as often as possible. You can pay coins for a chest every 15 minutes, or you can watch an ad video for a common chest as often as you want to, or you can pay gems for the epic chest and the giant chest, which have a higher chance of giving you new spells and equipment. Often they will give you crafting items, but every so often, they will give you better equipment and new spells – even the common chest has a chance of this.

Craft your spells in the library in order to power them up. The higher the level of the spell, the more damage it will do, and the other effects will improve as well, such as buffs and nerfs. If you are missing a crafting item, then you can tap the one you’re missing and craft the crafting item using gold.

Don’t have enough money to unlock new areas yet but you want to challenge yourself? Then go to the areas that you have already beaten on normal mode, and beat them on hard for the second star. Or if you are past level 11, beat them on expert for the third star. These can be FAR more difficult than the normal stages, but they can be extremely rewarding as well.