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Splash Cars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Splash Cars is a new game for the iOS and Android, with mechanics similar to Smashy Road: Wanted, where your goal is to evade police and spread color throughout the world that you are in. You can win coins as you go, upgrade your cars and purchase new cars, and move on from level to level, spreading color to every world that you get into. Read on for some tips and tricks for Splash Cars!

You steer your car by hitting the left and right buttons, and you have to steer in order to avoid getting hit by the cops or by other cars. You can’t hit the brakes or reverse at all; hitting left and right at the same time will only make you go one direction or the other. But if you do run into something and get stuck, you can still turn and get out of it.

It doesn’t actually matter if the cops hit you or not; all that matters is if you have enough fuel to continue, and if you run out of fuel, the stage ends. It ends if your car takes 100 percent damage over a span of levels too, but that takes a long time to happen. Collect the green fuel containers wherever and whenever you see them.

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The higher the percentage of color you spread, the more stars you will earn on the level that you are playing. Earn more color more quickly by driving as many houses as possible. If you hit a house, it instantly becomes colorful rather than doing it gradually, no matter how little of the house your wave of color hits, adding a significant amount to your percentage instantly.

Pick up magnets and other power-ups as you see them. Collect them and use them to collect fuel, coins, blueprints, and more at a high rate of speed. The more coins that you collect, the better the cars that you can purchase as you get further along in the game. Go back to old levels and grind for more coins if you need a better car to do anything at all on the next level.

Some cars can be unlocked if you get to a specific level, and then if you pay coins for them, you will unlock them. Others can only be unlocked if you pay blueprints for them, which are the rarer of the two currencies for the game, but which cannot be purchased from the IAP store, unlike coins.