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Spongebob Moves In: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Spongebob Moves In is a citybuilding game for the iOS and Android that has just recently (at least for a limited time) gone free to play. This game has you move Spongebob into Bikini Bottom and get hired by the Krusty Krab for the first time, as well as move in both his friends and minor characters from the show. Of course, Mr. Krabs is there to collect money and run the Krusty Krab. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spongebob Moves In!

Any time that you are lost as to what to do next, start completing the quests one by one. If you are waiting on some buildings to complete in order to complete a quest (you are going to be waiting on this a whole lot), then you can tap on any of your characters to have them complete actions for coins and experience points. Or start making them dishes in their wish bubbles.

Always try and keep a surplus of stuff growing at the seed store. Even if it is not part of a quest and you already have enough stuff to make a Krabby Patty, keep the new ingredients growing so that the next time that a quest pops up, you have enough of what you need in order to complete it.

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The same goes for all of the other places where you can get ingredients and even dishes, such as the bakery or Krusty Krab. Keep a good amount of bread on hand, Krabby Patties, salads and other goodies because you never know what is going to pop up over the heads of your residents. And the more residents that you get, the more important it is to keep a surplus.

Every character has a long term action or two, so if you are going away for awhile or you are not going to be playing the game for a good bit of time (e.g. if you are going to sleep), then have all of them complete a long term action. They’ll load you up with coins and experience points when you come back and finish their quests.

Save up your jellyfish jelly (the premium currency of the game) so that you can spend it on unlocking more slots at the Krusty Krab and other places. If you really have a big surplus of them you can also buy special buildings and characters using your jelly.

If you need to make room for more stuff, crowd your buildings together. Also, minimize the amount of space your streets take up. Delete as many streets as you possibly can while still having the village running.